A Letter from Karen Metzguer, FC Nurse & Executive Director

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A Letter from Karen Metzguer, FC Nurse & Executive Director

Brother David Steindi-Rast, Benedictine Monk, Author, Lecturer

Hope looks at all things the way a mother looks at her child, with a passion for the possible. That way of looking is creative. It creates the space in which perfection can unfold. More than that, the eyes of hope look through all imperfections to the heart of all things and find it perfect. The eyes of hope are grateful eyes. Before our eyes learned to look gratefully at the world, we expected to find beauty; grateful eyes expect the surprise of finding beauty in all things.– Br. David Steindl-Rast

Karen’s Message

It is only good and right to expect to find beauty in all things. I can say honestly that when I am able to live with intention, to serve, to move in deliberate fashion, and always, always PAY ATTENTION… I find the beauty that Brother David describes.

I hope you are finding some as well, and able to draw a deep breath and to rest. The toll this past year has taken is impossible to miss for some, and difficult to acknowledge for many. Don’t be embarrassed to do some reflection and put words to the feelings of loss. You do not have to be always strong, always a role model, always “fine.”

I was recently introduced to the suggestion that we may be “pandemic fine,” which is not to say, altogether fine. Reach out to more people in the next 4 weeks, keep moving your body and consider making music or writing. I’m convinced that communal singing will be part of our healing journey! We have reason to hope, if you doubt it, please call me!

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