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Member, Fearrington Cares Board of Directors (September 2017 - September 2019), Vice-President (September 2018-September 2019) and Chair, Communications Committee.

Recent & Upcoming FearringtonEdge Programs

By Mary Johnson


Network security expert and Fearrington resident Tom Foss presented the October FearringtonEdge program titled “Covering your Assets: How to Secure Your Home Network from Intruders” on Tuesday, October 01st in the Gathering Place.  Tom explained why we need to protect our home networks as well as how to keep hackers out of our computers and away from our private records.  Tom’s presentation, with suggestions for making your network secure, is available here.

Our digital security programming continues on November 05, 2019 at 1:00 PM in the Gathering Place when Tom reviews best practices for shopping, banking, emailing and browsing on the Internet.  Just in time for Christmas shopping and holiday visitors  playing online games, don’t miss his timely, humorous and informative presentation on best practices for online activities, “You Never Give Me Your Money, You Only Forward Your Silly Emails:  The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape in 2019.”

FearringtonEdge wants to help all Fearrington residents enjoy the benefits of technology while minimizing the frustrations. Contact with your suggestions for future programming and/or to volunteer to present a technology-centered program.
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It’s Flu Season — Be Sure to Get Your Flu Shot

Flu Shots Coverage

Your costs in Original Medicare You pay nothing for a flu shot if your doctor or other qualified health care provider accepts for giving the shot. Your doctor or other health care provider may recommend you get services more often than Medicare covers. Or, they may recommend services that Medicare doesn’t cover.

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Resource Materials from September 03rd Emergency Preparedness Program

With all eyes on the possible approach of Hurricane Dorian, Fearrington residents learned emergency preparedness techniques from Chatham County Emergency Response (CERT) team member Andy Foshee at a September 3 presentation sponsored by FearringtonEdge.  Focusing on how to minimize health and safety challenges in the event of major and widespread power outages and other emergency situations, Mr. Foshee urged residents to follow FEMA guidelines for maintaining seven-day food and water supplies and preparing “go bags” in the case of forced evacuations.  The full slide deck and other recommendations are posted here. 

FHA Health, Safety & Security Director Carl Angel, who assisted in arranging the program, noted that Chatham CERT offers free training for volunteers interested in learning how to help themselves and their neighbors in the event of local emergencies. Residents interested in developing a Fearrington cadre of trained volunteers should contact Carl for more information.
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Fearrington’s Experienced Innovators & NCSU’s Graduate Students in Industrial Design

During March, April, and May 2019, a small group of Fearrington residents participated in a Fearrington Cares Experienced Innovators project under the leadership of Lee Anne McClymont, Fellow for the U.S. Southeast Region of The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship. Lee Anne designed the experience to be part of an innovative beta project to “reconsider the lifeline of multigenerational workplaces and learning communities.”

During these three months, this group of Fearrington Experienced Innovators worked closely with four graduate students in the NCSU Master’s Degree program in Industrial Design to evaluate their semester-long original design projects during the critical development stages.

The students met four times with the group at Fearrington Cares and a subset of the group also visited the NCSU’s College of Industrial Design in Raleigh, where they met all the other graduate students in the Industrial design class, toured the several well-equipped design labs where students work-up models of their projects, and spent 90 minutes reviewing the students’ projects, which had incorporated many of the suggestions the students had received during the earlier sessions back in Fearrington and making further suggestions for final refinements.

Near the end of the semester, the students returned to Fearrington to demo their finished products and to express their sincere appreciation for the valued contributions made by these Experienced Innovators. Overall, this was an amazingly productive beta project.

Visit this site to read Lee Anne McClymont’s wonderful overview of the project design and its significance for “restoring balance to the generation-stratified workplace” and to see samples of the results of the projects developed by the students.

Lee Anne is currently working with Fearrington Cares to design and launch the next Experienced Innovators group expected to be underway during the current fall term at NCSU. Watch for the forthcoming details!

Project participants included: STUDENTS: Sara Weir, Ryan Bolick, Yetong Xie, and Yimiao Xu. LEADERS: Lee Anne and Bill McClaymont, EXPERIENCED INNOVATORS (formerly known as Elder Innovators): Paula Easton, Gary Piontak, Diana Tasciotti, Jon Darling, Carl Angel, Dale Colson, Bob Colson, Cindy Kahler, John Tyrrell, and Amy Nullman.

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