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Medical Claims RX/Life Transitions
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Caroline Cameron

MEDICAL CLAIMS Rx, Inc. is a patient advocate and insurance advisory service established in 1986 to assist patients and their families on an hourly fee basis with all aspects of medical and long-term care expense and reimbursement, and with managing personal business tasks. Services include:

  • Representing patients in negotiations with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and other providers to ensure medical and long-term care claims are paid properly and patient balances are correct.
  • Filing Long-term Care claims for nursing home, assisted living, adult day, and home care benefits.
  • Resolving disputed claims. ​
  • Assisting with Medicare, Medicare Supplement, Part D, ACA and group plan selection and enrollments.
  • Offering long-term care insurance options when appropriate.

Personal Business Services/Daily Money Management is an insured service available to assist with routine check writing, filing and organization.  The range of duties varies according to each client’s needs.  Available services include: Sorting mail, balancing check books and organizing records; making bank deposits, assisting with correspondence and check writing, organizing tax documents for the tax preparer; follow-up with insurance companies and healthcare providers regarding bills to ensure proper processing and payment; communicating with family as needed.

Address: P.O. Box 4758, Chapel Hill NC 27515

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Business Phone Number:
Fax: 919- 942-7437
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