American Powder Coating, LLC

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Jerry A. Campora
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This is a shop that takes pride in every piece that they do because they are avid car enthusiasts and know what people expect in quality. It does not have to be a car part to get the same attention and detail. When you bring a piece in, whether it is a household item, a precious antique, or any other metal object, they will listen to your requests and provide you with our expert suggestions. They also power coat metal gates, metal fencing, iron railings, metal patio furniture, and anything else made of metal.

Free Quotes, Pick-up & Delivery

Unlimited selection of finishes and 6,500 color options.

Pricing is determined based on the size, condition of the piece, and the color you choose. Just call or email them and they will give you a quote. They will also make a site visit to provide an estimate for recoating your outside objects.

See examples of his custom work:

Comment by a Fearrington Village Resident:

“Metal surfaces can have a fresh, clean appearance with a high-temperature durable ceramic coating that maintains its appearance through summer heat and winter chill.  Metal Gates, patio furniture, decorative metal items and the grill on the top of your AC unit are some of the items that can be coated in your choice of colors.”

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