Chatham County Animal Control Services & NC Wildife Resources Commission Services


See this short video which explains how animal control is managed by Chatham County, NC.

While many folks who have plumbing issues, electrical problems, and other common expected homeowner issues know quite a bit about solving such problems and how to find a vendor for professional repairs, many who have a problem encounter with wildlife are not always sure of what to do or where to turn for help in dealing with the situation, and may not know much (or anything) about free County and state services for dealing with a range of wildlife-human encounters.

We thought it would be helpful to include this informative message pinned to the top of the Wildlife category containing some information about County and State wildlife services as key sources of information for anyone with some sort(s) of issues with wildlife.

Residents can review such resources and factor such information into their search for service from a professional vendor, if one is truly needed or desired.

  • Chatham County Animal Services (Animal Control) offers free services for: Animal nuisance investigation and reduction; Protecting the public against rabies and other animal-related diseases; Protection against “dangerous” and “vicious” dogs, based on reports; Wildlife rabies incident investigation and follow-through (including suspected rabid raccoons, fox, coyotes, etc.); Providing emergency and disaster response for animals; Dog and cat bite management; and Free pickup of stray and homeless dogs and cats.
  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Wildlife Helpline 866-318-2401 (local number 919-707-4011) is a good source of information on wildlife behavior, damage, injury, and co-existing and a place to report Report Wildlife Violations (800-662-7137)
  • What to do if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal around your home or neighborhood (or outside the village):

  • To report a dead animal on NC state roadways to the NC Department of Transportation for proper pickup and disposal:  (Note that 54 of our village roadways are state secondary roads.)

If you believe you need a professional vendor to handle your wildlife issue(s), consider those listed below. If you know of such services that are not listed in this category, please send complete information (including the name of the business, contact information, and a brief recommendation statement) to: We will not use your name and will refer to the recommendation as having been provided by a “Fearrington Village resident.”

Thank you for helping to add value to this community resource.

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