Daily Money Management and Bill Paying Services

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Matilda M. Bailey
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Over 25 years experience advising clients and Quick Books Certified. Currently working with small businesses and several clients who live at The Cedars in Meadowmont and in Fearrington Village.

She helps individual clients with bookkeeping, insurance papers, medical records, and a variety of financial and personal matters, including preparing for tax time. Rate is $30.00/hour

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Contact Name:
Ellen Hoosick
Phone Number:
(919) 931-7339

My Daily Money Management is an insured service available to assist with daily money management and organization. The range of services will vary according to each client’s needs, but primary services include: Sorting incoming mail; Assistance with check writing, balancing check books and organizing records; Checking credit card receipts against statements; Preparing and making bank deposits; Organizing files; Assistance with correspondence and phone calls; Organize tax documents for your tax preparer; Follow-up with insurance companies and healthcare providers regarding bills to ensure proper processing and payment; and Communicating with family as needed. Serving Northern Chatham, Southern Orange, Southern Durham, and Western Wake, NC counties.

Ellen has 30 years of experience in medical insurance billing and claims resolution, including 10 years as a Cardiology Practice Manager in Florida.  The past 8 years of employment included a  growing client base of assisting clients with Daily Money Management in their homes.  In addition, she has a B.S. in Social Work from the State University of New York at Albany.

Comment by a Fearrington Village Resident:

“Ellen was so kind and worked well with the mess I called ‘my system.’ I now have organized folders and peace of mind.”