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While many folks who have plumbing issues, electrical problems, and other common expected homeowner issues know quite a bit about solving such problems and how to find a vendor for professional repairs, many who have a problem encounter with wildlife are not always sure of what to do or where to turn for help in dealing with the situation, and may not know much (or anything) about free County and state services for dealing with a range of wildlife-human encounters.

We thought it would be helpful to include this informative message pinned to the top of the Wildlife category containing some information about County and State wildlife services as key sources of information for anyone with some sort(s) of issues with wildlife.

Residents can review such resources and factor such information into their search for service from a professional vendor, if one is truly needed or desired.

  • Chatham County Animal Services (Animal Control) offers free services for: Animal nuisance investigation and reduction; Protecting the public against rabies and other animal-related diseases; Protection against “dangerous” and “vicious” dogs, based on reports; Wildlife rabies incident investigation and follow-through (including suspected rabid raccoons, fox, coyotes, etc.); Providing emergency and disaster response for animals; Dog and cat bite management; and Free pickup of stray and homeless dogs and cats.
  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Wildlife Helpline 866-318-2401 (local number 919-707-4011) is a good source of information on wildlife behavior, damage, injury, and co-existing and a place to report Report Wildlife Violations (800-662-7137)
  • What to do if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal around your home or neighborhood (or outside the village): 



  • To report a dead animal on NC state roadways to the NC Department of Transportation for proper pickup and disposal: https://www.ncdot.gov/contact/report/debris/  (Note that 54 of our village roadways are state secondary roads.)

If you believe you need a professional vendor to handle your wildlife issue(s), consider those listed below. If you know of such services that are not listed in this category, please send complete information (including the name of the business, contact information, and a brief recommendation statement) to: vendorlist@fearringtoncares.org. We will not use your name and will refer to the recommendation as having been provided by a “Fearrington Village resident.”

Thank you for helping to add value to this community resource.


Contact Name: Randy Holt
Business Genre:

Serving Fearrington Village for 20 years. Car, homeowners, and life insurance.

Business Phone Number: 919-542-5533
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4315 Garrett Road Durham, NC 27707.

Over 40 different sizes/types of units including standard, climate-controlled, parking spaces and large drive-up accessible climate-controlled Durham storage units.

Moving Supplies, Climate Control, Camera Surveillance, RV/Boat Parking, Boxes.


SATURDAY 9:00AM – 4:00PM
SUNDAY 1:00PM – 5:00PM


MONDAY – SUNDAY 6:00AM – 10:00PM


Business Website Address: http://www.amplestoragecenter.com/
Business Phone Number: 919-489-5999
Business Phone Number: 877-876-4647
Business Contact Email: garrettrd@amplestoragecenter.com
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Located in Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro. Right next door to Tandem Restaurant.

Monday – Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm.


Business Phone Number: 919-918-7688
Contact Name: Matilda M. Bailey

Over 25 years experience advising clients and Quick Books Certified. Currently working with small businesses and several clients who live at The Cedars in Meadowmont and in Fearrington Village.

She helps individual clients with bookkeeping, insurance papers, medical records, and a variety of financial and personal matters, including preparing for tax time. Rate is $30.00/hour

Business Website Address: Baileysbookkeepingservices.com
Business Phone Number: 919-306-9580
Business Contact Email: Baileysbookkeeping@gmail.com
Fearrington resident Bobbi Foster has worked in the insurance market for many years. In 1991, she began “A Little Help…That’s All,” a service to provide guidance with questions such as: 
  • Which Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan is the best? 
  • When is open enrollment and why can we only change one plan during this time? 
  • How do I know if I need to make changes to my coverage? 
  • Where do I find information to help me make the right choices? 
  • Who is safe to talk to without an alternate agenda? 
In 2010, her primary focus became Medicare Supplements. There are many insurance companies with many different costs. She knows the company ratings and can show you all the prices available in the industry.  Her work with you does not cost you anything other than your time to talk and ask questions.
You should periodically check the price of your policy because oftentimes insurance companies close a book of business and your price increases more than the age-related amount. Bobbi can explain what you need to know in plain and simple language and you can feel confident that a specialist has reviewed your choices.
Comments from Fearrington Village Residents:
“Bobbi is a resident of Fearrington.  I have worked with her and she was able to save me a significant amount of money over the course of a year.  Give her a call, there is no cost to find out if you can save money too.”


“Bobbi Foster is a Senior Insurance Specialist I have known and worked with for at least 3 years. Her recommendations are thoughtful and well researched. As a former Shiip counselor, she knows all the ins and outs of Part D and Medicare Advantage plans. She helped me find my least expensive Medicare Supplement policy. Bobbi has a gift for making each policy understandable. She is one of us and we’re lucky to have her in the community.”


“I want to put in a good word for Bobbi Foster who was a life-saver when I moved to FV in May, 2017.  [A friend] gave me her name, and I wasn’t disappointed. Bobbi found a wonderful supplemental health policy, and a policy for prescription drugs. Just this month, I called Bobbi to review my two policies.  Bobbi found she could reduce my supplemental premium, and found a different prescription company that will partially cover my one prescription. I feel totally confident in Bobbi’s knowledge of the industry which is an overwhelming mystery for me. I recommend your contacting Bobbi for all your health insurance needs.”
Business Phone Number: 919-704-8510 home
Business Phone Number: 630-258-4040 cell
Business Contact Email: bfoster44@outlook.com

With offices across NC, SC, and southern VA, the Durham location has been serving surrounding communities in the Triangle for more than 50 years and has many customers in Fearrington Village.

Services: Bed Bug Control, Moisture Control/Insulation Service, Wildlife Management, Mosquito Control, Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, and Termite Solutions.

Business Phone Number: 919-477-2134
Contact Name: Eric Goldman
Business Genre:

Humane animal removal and exclusion, specializing in mice, squirrels, bats, birds, snakes, flying squirrels, etc. Methods are humane and non-harming. Traps or poisons are never used. Certified by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission as a  Wildlife Damage Control Agent.

They figure out how they are getting in, make sure they are out and that they cannot get back in. They also do handyman work and carpentry. All solutions are 100% effective and guaranteed for 5 years.

Please note: Eric Goldman, owner of Humane Homes NC Critter Removal and Prevention, has received many recommendations from satisfied customers in the area and the business was A WINNER of the INDY WEEK Best of the Triangle 2018 for Animal Control.

If you use his services, please submit a comment or recommendation to vendorlist@fearringtoncares.org.  We will identify you as being a resident of Fearrington Village; however, we will not include your name with any comment(s) you submit.  Thank you!

Business Website Address: https://m.facebook.com/HumaneHomesNC/
Business Phone Number: 919-337-5308
Business Contact Email: Wildlife@HumaneHomesNC.com
Contact Name: Mee Ok Lee
Business Genre:

In Chatham Crossing Shopping Center (Suite N) [formerly Cole Park Plaza], next to Pak Mail, 11312 US 15/501,  North in Chapel Hill.

Fearrington resident’s comment: “Has done excellent alterations for our family.”

Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Business Phone Number: 919-942-7069
Contact Name: Brad Fox, Ellen Hoosick, Caroline Cameron

MEDICAL CLAIMS Rx, Inc. is a patient advocate and insurance advisory service established in 1986 to assist patients and their families on an hourly fee basis with all aspects of medical and long-term care expense and reimbursement, and with managing personal business tasks. Services include:

  • Representing patients in negotiations with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and other providers to ensure medical and long-term care claims are paid properly and patient balances are correct.
  • Filing Long-term Care claims for nursing home, assisted living, adult day, and home care benefits.
  • Resolving disputed claims. ​
  • Assisting with Medicare, Medicare Supplement, Part D, ACA and group plan selection and enrollments.
  • Offering long-term care insurance options when appropriate.

Personal Business Services/Daily Money Management is an insured service available to assist with routine check writing, filing and organization.  The range of duties varies according to each client’s needs.  Available services include: Sorting mail, balancing check books and organizing records; making bank deposits, assisting with correspondence and check writing, organizing tax documents for the tax preparer; follow-up with insurance companies and healthcare providers regarding bills to ensure proper processing and payment; communicating with family as needed.

Location:  Glen Lennox Shopping Center [Directions] 1201 Raleigh Rd, Suite 208, Chapel Hill, NC 27517.

Comments by Fearrington Village Residents:

“When medical claims paper work over-shadow regaining one’s ‘back to healthy everyday living’, I recommend the superb services of Brad Fox, Medical Claims, Rx, Tel: 919-942-7211. His offices are conveniently located in the Glen Lennox Shopping Center, Chapel Hill.”

“Brad has helped both Jim and me from years ago. He truly knows “the ropes” and ever so helpful.”

Business Website Address: https://www.medicalclaimsrx.com/
Business Phone Number: 919-942-7211
Business Phone Number: Fax: 919- 942-7437
Business Contact Email: ellen.mcrx@mindspring.com