Solar Tubes, Solar Panels, Skylights, and Attic Fans

//Solar Tubes, Solar Panels, Skylights, and Attic Fans

Solar Tubes, Solar Panels, Skylights, and Attic Fans


Roofing, roof repairs, skylights, and attic fan installation. Located at 1419 Morris Road, Pittsboro, NC 27312.

Comment by Fearrington Resident:

‘Ray’s father (a roofer) and now Ray (took over Father’s business) has been the roofer for Fitch Creations since the beginning of Fearrington Village. I called him several years ago to check my roof and he told me it was “fine” for another couple of years. After passage of those ‘couple of years’ I had him re-roof my place. Cost was about $11,500. Prior to my first call to Ray, I had also called the roofer who re-roofed my neighbor’s home – he recommended ‘immediate’ replacement and his ‘quote’ was over $13,000.’

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Roofwerks, Inc.
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Derwin Maness

Roofwerks, Inc. was founded by Derwin Maness and Will Hayes with the vision of creating a top-notch roofing company in North Carolina installing the highest quality roofing systems at an affordable price and backed by excellent customer service. After a combined 20 years experience with one of the region’s largest roofing contractors, the two decided that the Triangle area lacked a truly professional residential roofing contractor, and founded Roofwerks.

Services include roof repairs and maintenance, ventilation, gutters, skylights, and sun tunnels. Associations & Affiliations include the Building Owners & Managers Association, International Facilities Management Association, and the Community Association Institute.

Comments by Fearrington Village Residents:

“We have had good experience with Roofwerks.”

“We use Roofwerks for all repairs in Countryhouse.”

“Professional in all phases.”

“We had Roofwerks replace our roof last summer including replacing our skylights. The brand is Velux. Roofwerks did a great job.”

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Sunlit Homes (Solar Tubes)
[Formerly Solar Solutions NC] Residential Solatubes | Garage Fan and Attic Coolers | Solar-Powered Attic Fans| and Radiant Guard – Reflective Insulation|

If you have a room in your house without a lot of windows installing Solatubes will do more than just brighten your day, it will brighten your room, naturally, for years to come. The amount of light transferred into and softly diffused throughout a room is truly amazing!

Also ROOF REPAIRS | Includes inspection and tune-up | includes investigation, discovery and plan of action | multiple leaks extra | replacement of broken shingles up to 10 (must not be brittle) | repair/replacement of pipe boots | flashing repair | ROOF TUNE-UP | Repair nail pops | Secure loose lashing/shingles |Re-seal soil/dryer/vents stacks | ROOF INSPECTION | Professional evaluation | Condition report | Picture support | Recommendations | The fee can be applied to Roof Tune-up or Repair if desired.

Comments by Fearrington Village Residents:

“We had Sunlit Homes install 2 tubes and an attic fan. We were 100% satisfied with their service from the first phone call to the end result and we recommend them highly.”

“In early 2018, SunLit Homes acquited the business previously known as Solar Solutions, NC.  In 2011, we had three solatubes installed in our new kitchen by the company they recently purchased. What a wonderful difference the daylight (and even the bright evening moonlight, which can provide some nice nighttime lighting effects) makes. In the daytime, guests often ask where the on/off switch is located, believing them to be electric lights. The diffusers spread the light pleasantly throughout the kitchen, and we are very pleased with the installation. The installer for the then-existing preceding company (Solar Solutions, NC) mentioned that he had installed over 3,000 of these solatubes (many right here in Fearrington) and never had any roof leaks develop or any install fail. Ours have functioned perfectly for seven years. No problems whatsoever. We certainly recommend that residents consider installing solar tubes and that they consider contacting SunLit Homes.”

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Yes Solar Solutions (Solar Panels)
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Stew and Kathy Miller

Yes Solar Solutions is owned by Stew and Kathy Miller, longtime Preston residents, former owners of Primrose Schools of Cary. Yes was founded in 2009, and is located in downtown Cary. They are the only solar installation company in the Carolinas accredited by NABCEP [see details below].

New rebates from Duke Energy pay up to $6,000 of a residential solar system plus the 30% federal tax credit and the energy savings. Yes Solar Solutions can provide a free estimate of what solar would cost and what it would provide.

Read About the Residential Tax Credits Available for Home Installations

Receive $500 for each person that you refer who then chooses to go solar with Yes Solar Solutions!

Yes, a NABCEP-Accredited Solar Company100% on Third Party Audits of Solar Installations

The most qualified solar installer in NC & SC. Yes Solar Solutions was the first company on the East Coast to be accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This NABCEP accreditation shows our company’s commitment to superior training, quality, service, and customer satisfaction. We have more NABCEP certified technicians than any solar company in either NC or SC.

Why would an accreditation by NABCEP be important to a customer?

A competitor might reasonably respond to a question about our NABCEP accreditation that “it doesn’t prove much”. If a company has one or two NABCEP certified installers or salespeople, they can claim that is sufficient.

What the NABCEP accreditation means is that Yes (and only five other companies in the U.S. that are accredited) have made a long-term investment in training, getting our team individually certified (currently six people in our company have individual NABCEP certifications) which can cost up to $3,000 each.

And the most important part of the accreditation audit to a customer would be the third party audit of our installations, on which we got a perfect score. But the NABCEP process is to look at all areas of a solar installation company to assure the highest quality, safety standards, training, management, and infrastructure. It is an arduous, time consuming and expensive process, but it is worth it. Isn’t anything that is hardly worth it?

So, if any solar company answers your question about why they are not accredited, give them this list of areas that must be provided for inspection and meet NABCEP standards! Then, call Yes!

  • Training program
  • Training hours documentation
  • Employee orientation and handbook
  • Safety Policy
  • OSHA reporting log and number of OSHA certifications within the company
  • Individual NABCEP Certifications
  • Quality Assurance program
  • Customer Satisfaction Policy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Incorporation and insurance documentation
  • Community Involvement
  • Environmental policy
  • Third party audit of installations!

Other Certifications

  • NC General Contractor, Unlimited License Number #67356
  • SC General Contractor, Unlimited License #CLG 120015
  • NC Electrical License #31227-U

Tesla Powerwall

Yes Solar Solutions is the first Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer in North Carolina and are leading the way in solar storage and battery backup.

Comments by Fearrington Village Residents:

“Highly recommend YES! Solar Solutions. Excellent site assessment, quality components, expert installations, solid support, and service. They have installed many solar displays in Fearrington and around Chatham, Orange, and Durham Counties, as well as other large areas in North Carolina. Top notch!”

“During the Solarize Chatham initiative a couple of years ago, the organizers evaluated the available installation contractors based on several criteria including cost, service history and willingness to help the initiative along. The use of local employees, materials, etc also played a role. The two contractors that were selected were Yes! Solar Solutions and Southern Energy Management. Both are Triangle-based (Cary and Raleigh, respectively) and fulfill the above criteria. Once the applications of people to install systems were in, these two companies divided the work by area. As a result of this, Yes! was used for all installations in Fearrington Village. Feedback has been good to excellent to the best of my knowledge.”

“I can highly recommend Yes Solar Solutions. They installed my solar panels and were very helpful in explaining this technology and helping with paperwork.”

“I used Yes Solar Solutions on advice of satisfied neighbors and sustainability gurus in FV.  I was jointly motivated by the drop in solar panel prices and wanting to do something in wake of Federal government’s withdrawal from Paris pact.  Found all aspects of dealing with the firm (and partner financing firm) to be straightforward and pleasant.  Strongly recommend.”

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919-459-4155 (Phone)
Business Phone Number:
919-462-3177 (FAX)