Fearrington Cares Embraces Its 29th Year

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Fearrington Cares Embraces Its 29th Year

Village to Village Network Article About Fearrington Cares

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In February this year, prior to the 30th anniversary (in 2019) of the founding of Fearrington Cares, we were able to have a short article (Fearrington Cares Embraces Its 29 Year), featuring both our community organization and Fearrington Village, published in the newsletter of the national Village to Village Network. We thought you might like to see the article.

Their newsletters are distributed to approximately 350 other villages, where there are also some services similar to those offered by Fearrington Cares.

To our knowledge, Fearrington Cares is unique in that we serve the entire Fearrington Village community without charging any membership fee and are supported solely through resident donations and bequests. The philosophy of Fearrington Cares has always been to serve all village residents, when and if needs arise, and the community has continued to recognize this through their active volunteering and generous funding.

The national Village Movement started with Beacon Hill Village in Boston over 15 years ago, some 14 years after Fearrington Cares had begun serving Fearrington residents “as the heart of Fearrington Village.” Today, the national Village movement includes over 200 currently open villages and more than 150 others now in development in 45 states and the District of Columbia.

One might certainly say that both Fearrington Village and Fearrington Cares were well “ahead of the curve.” We appreciate all the support provided by Fitch Creations and Fearrington residents, and we’re all looking forward to the 30th year and beyond!

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