Med-Visit-Pal and Return Home Support

Med-Visit-Pal and Return Home Support

Fearrington Cares has initiated a two-part program to assist Fearrington Village residents who need support when dealing with unexpected health problems. One aspect of the program is helping residents with medical appointments by:

  • Consulting with you to plan for the upcoming appointment,
  •  accompanying you to the visit, and,
  • taking notes for you, at your request. No notes will be kept at Fearrington Cares; they are written and left with you for review and planning. Ideally, a resident will call Fearrington Cares and speak with the nurse before making the medical appointment. If that is not possible, please call with as much notice as possible.

The second aspect of the program is working with discharge planners, at your request, to plan the smoothest possible return home after hospitalization or rehabilitation. Contact us as early as possible to maximize the assistance we will be able to provide. Whether your hospitalization was a planned event or an unpleasant surprise, Fearrington Cares has multiple ways to support your transition.

Consistent with any of our services, these two programs are provided at your request. In times of stress, many of us forget the numerous ways that Fearrington Cares can help. Please tell your neighbors about this program; word of mouth is the most effective way to spread the news! If neighbors remind neighbors to “Ask Fearrington Cares First” we will assist when we can and share helpful information about services we do not provide.

A Resident’s Perspective on MED-PAL

‘I wish to thank Fearrington Cares for the MED-PAL program. At one time I was the caregiver and took notes during medical visits. These days I face medical visits on my own and worry that I will forget to ask something important or write down instructions correctly. I contacted Fearrington Cares and Karen arranged for a nurse to go with me to a critical doctor visit, notes were taken, questions were asked (and answered) and a form documenting the conversation was completed and left with me. Fearrington Cares does not keep a copy of the form and I have referred to it several times. I highly recommend this confidential program.”

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