New Concierge Health Services

We’re pleased to announce three new services for our neighbors in Fearrington Village.

While Fearrington Cares strives to be responsive to the needs of the villagers of Fearrington, some needs require solutions beyond our scope of services. That’s why we propose to coordinate specialized fee-driven concierge services that will augment our usual programs through the use of strategic partnerships.

An advisory group will guide the process, monitor implementation of the service, and evaluate the utilization and satisfaction for each program component. Two of these services will be provided by
Aegis Home Care in Chapel Hill.

For both programs, an assessment of needs will be done by an Aegis nurse and a care plan will be developed. Neighbors will schedule an appointment for either of these services by calling Fearrington Cares weekdays from 9 am – 1 pm and then will work with Aegis and pay them for these services.

  • “Short Visit” Supportive Care Services represent an innovation in home care services by eliminating the four-hour minimum shift that is usually required.
  • “Complex/Unique” In-Home Nursing Services go beyond the triage clinic nursing care and home visits that Fearrington Cares currently provides free of charge.

Routine Foot Care is our third new service and will be available in the Fearrington Cares Center. Our registered nurse will continue providing free nail trimming monthly if neighbors have been coming to the clinic in the past. The new service will provide more comprehensive foot care by a professional licensed with the State of North Carolina. Residents will schedule an appointment through Fearrington Cares, and then contract with the provider, paying them directly for these services. Make an appointment by calling 919-542-6877.

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