“Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s History” Resource Links

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“Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s History” Resource Links

By Mary Johnson

The slide show accompanying the August 07, 2019 FearringtonEdge presentation of “Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s Historyis available here. Over 50 residents learned about proper techniques for protecting old documents, photos, and other materials. Durham County librarians with specialization in digitization and preservation techniques demonstrated best practices and explained how to scan and store materials online. The presentation also provided sources for preservation materials and for learning more about saving our family histories.

Presenters recommended reviewing the information, which is highly detailed, available from Preservation Self Assessment Program (PSAP). Follow this link (https://psap.library.illinois.edu/collection-id-guide) for information on preserving items ranging from 8mm tape to slides, negatives, daguerreotype, and, among others, sheep-leather bound books! The photo below (attached as sample photo) is a small excerpt from the types of documents reviewed by PSAP.

Other recommended sources include the National Archives web pages (https://www.archives.gov/preservation/storage) and Gaylord Archival (https://www.gaylord.com/c/Preservation) as one sources for purchasing archival materials. Open the program link for the full description of best practices and sources.

FearringtonEdge expects to follow up on this successful presentation, possibly with group online classes and/or scanning demonstrations. Email fearringtonconnect@gmail.com if you would like to be kept up to date on future plans for this and other FearringtonEdge projects.

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