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The Tech Tuesdays Series is produced by FearringtonEdge 

and Sponsored by Fearrington Cares.

When available, presentation files for each program are included in each of the following reports, which are listed in order of the most recent programs first.

FearringtonEdge wants to help all Fearrington residents enjoy the benefits of technology while minimizing the frustrations.

Contact FearringtonEdge@gmail.com with your suggestions for future programming and/or to volunteer to present a technology-centered program.


                                           Upcoming Programs

Tech Tuesdays Future Date to be Announced | “Phone and Camera Photography”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

Join us on Tuesday, April 07th to learn some principles of photo composition, lighting, and other details that will make your photos stand out.  Bring your phone or camera (or both) and use each other and the building as subjects for practicing what you learn. This will be an active learning session! Graham Bird, from Chatham In Focus Photography Club, will lead us through some basic principles and practices that will help you turn everyday photographs into living memories. Other club members will be available to help with staging, camera settings, and composition. 

Tech Tuesdays Future Date to be Announced | “Digital Photos- Printing, Sharing, and Evaluating”

The Pittsboro InFocus Photo Club returns for a follow up to the April program.   Speaker Graham Bird will discuss ideas for printing your photos and/or digitally sharing them with friends and family.  Club members will also help us learn how to evaluate our own photos in order to improve our photography skills. You are invited to submit digital photos to FearringtonEdge@gmail.com to share with attendees.  We will review photos (don’t worry – no names will be attached to photos) to sharpen our attention to detail and understanding of what makes a photograph special.

Prior Programs

Tech Tuesdays February 04, 2020 at 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Gathering Place “Beyond Google Search: Google for Students and for Us”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

About 20 residents attended the special FearringtonEdge program on Tuesday, February 4, which featured Mr. Tom Mullaney from Northwood High School.  Tom, the Digital Learning Facilitator at Northwood,  discussed Google apps and capabilities which are available at no charge to anyone with a Gmail account.  The same apps used by schools and universities throughout the world are accessible to all of us; with a little practice, we can explore the world from our armchairs, create our own digital maps and timelines, collaborate in real-time with friends around the globe and share our creations with our families or with the world.

Tom explained that, at Northwood, all students receive Google Chromebooks for their use during the school year.  Focusing on the “Four Cs” — Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity — the curriculum helps Chatham County high school students to learn to exploit the tools and the research available through Internet connectivity.  Those same tools, such as MyMaps, Google Earth, Google Images, Google Expeditions, and Google Keep are available to all of us.

This PDF file includes descriptions and videos of the free GOOGLE products that Mr. Mullaney featured in his presentation.

Tech Tuesdays January 07, 2020 at 2:00-3:30 p.m. in The Gathering Place “Assistive Hearing Technologies”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, Fearrington resident Mike Eberling met with over 50 Fearrington residents at the Gathering Place to share how technology and personal resourcefulness have helped him deal with severe hearing loss.  He explained and displayed many of the devices he uses to improve his hearing and his sense of connectedness with the hearing world.  Mike, who has two cochlear implants,  is especially passionate about the use and installation of hearing loops, which, he says, allow those with compatible hearing aids to engage much more fully in life at home and in public. He has installed hearing loops in his own Henderson Place home and encouraged attendees to consider doing so in their own homes as well. Many of the audience members signed a petition supporting the planned installation of a hearing loop at the Gathering Place.
Mike encouraged a dialogue among audience members, who discussed their own experiences with hearing aids, assistive devices and associated costs.  The discussion revealed a strong community of interest within Fearrington; as a result, FearringtonEdge (the technology education program of Fearrington Cares) plans another program with Mike in the Fall of 2020.  Residents with specific questions for Mike or ideas they would like covered by future programs are encouraged to contact FearrintonEdge at FearringtonEdge@gmail.com. Mike’s powerpoint presentation is available here and the list of devices he discussed is here.

Tech Tuesdays November 05, 2019 “Surveying the Cyber Threat Landscape”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

Attendees at the November 05th, 2019 FearringtonEdge Web Security Program, part of the Tech Tuesdays Series, learned best practices for staying safe on the Internet.

Network security professional and experienced OLLI instructor, Tom Foss explained vulnerabilities and mitigation techniques for email, internet shopping, and password protection.  Tom’s presentation sparked lively discussions and pointed questions from among the 40 attendees about online behavior and avoidance of malware and bad actors.

This program followed Tom’s October 01st program on home network security.  Links to both presentations are here:

Tech Tuesdays October 01, 2019 “Covering your Assets: How to Secure Your Home Network from Intruders

Submitted by Mary Johnson

Network security expert and Fearrington resident Tom Foss presented the October FearringtonEdge program titled on Tuesday, October 01st in the Gathering Place.  Tom explained why we need to protect our home networks as well as how to keep hackers out of our computers and away from our private records.  Tom’s presentation, with suggestions for making your network secure, is available here.

Tech Tuesdays September 03, 2019 “Emergency Preparedness and the County’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)”

Submitted by Mary Johnson
With all eyes on the possible approach of Hurricane Dorian, Fearrington residents learned emergency preparedness techniques from Chatham County Emergency Response (CERT) team member Andy Foshee at a September 3 presentation sponsored by FearringtonEdge.  Focusing on how to minimize health and safety challenges in the event of major and widespread power outages and other emergency situations, Mr. Foshee urged residents to follow FEMA guidelines for maintaining seven-day food and water supplies and preparing “go bags” in the case of forced evacuations.  The full slide deck and other recommendations are posted here. 

FHA Health, Safety & Security Director Carl Angel, who assisted in arranging the program, noted that Chatham CERT offers free training for volunteers interested in learning how to help themselves and their neighbors in the event of local emergencies. Residents interested in developing a Fearrington cadre of trained volunteers should contact Carl for more information. Resource Materials from September 03rd Emergency Preparedness Program.

Tech Tuesdays August 06, 2019 “Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s History”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

The slide show accompanying the August 07, 2019 FearringtonEdge presentation of “Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s Historyis available here. Over 50 residents learned about proper techniques for protecting old documents, photos, and other materials. Durham County librarians with specialization in digitization and preservation techniques demonstrated best practices and explained how to scan and store materials online. The presentation also provided sources for preservation materials and for learning more about saving our family histories.

Presenters recommended reviewing the information, which is highly detailed, available from Preservation Self Assessment Program (PSAP). Follow this link (https://psap.library.illinois.edu/collection-id-guide) for information on preserving items ranging from 8mm tape to slides, negatives, daguerreotype, and, among others, sheep-leather bound books! The photo below (attached as sample photo) is a small excerpt from the types of documents reviewed by PSAP.

Other recommended sources include the National Archives web pages (https://www.archives.gov/preservation/storage) and Gaylord Archival (https://www.gaylord.com/c/Preservation) as one sources for purchasing archival materials. Open the program link for the full description of best practices and sources.

FearringtonEdge expects to follow up on this successful presentation, possibly with group online classes and/or scanning demonstrations. Email fearringtonconnect@gmail.com if you would like to be kept up to date on future plans for this and other FearringtonEdge projects.

Tech Tuesdays June 04, 2019 “Generators & Batteries”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

As part of its effort to facilitate neighbor-to-neighbor technical information sharing, FearringtonEdge presented a Generators & Batteries program session on June 04. The session was designed for residents to speak to other residents who have installed backup power solutions. Over 30 Fearrington neighbors joined the conversation about cost, installation experiences, and maintenance of various emergency power devices ranging from whole house generators to a lightbulb that stays lit when the power goes out, Participants shared their plans for dealing with almost inevitable power outages during summer storms.

Tech Tuesdays April 09, 2019 “Cutting the Cord (and Ditching the Dish) Without Breaking the Bank” (Repeated by Popular Demand on April 24, 2019)

Submitted by Mary Johnson

FearringtonEdge and Fearrington Cares presented a “Cutting the Cord” program on April 9th for an audience of 94 residents. Focusing on streaming services and internet and equipment requirements, Fearrington resident Mark Asman (with the collaboration of Tom Foss) explained options to conventional cable. While no one service exactly mirrors Spectrum or DISH packages, most offer access to major networks. Mark reviewed options for taking advantage of free trial versions of various streaming services and websites that compare channel availability and DVR services.

You can
 use this link
to view and/or download and print a PDF file version of the slides used during this presentation.

Send Email comments and suggestions about this presentation, or other topics you would like us cover, to Fearringtonedge@gmail.com.

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