UNC Diversity in Aging (Free) Symposium on Elder Care

UNC Diversity in Aging (Free) Symposium on Elder Care


Diversity in Aging Symposium: Postponed
Due to continuing developments of the COVID-19 situation, PiAP will postpone the Diversity in Aging Symposium scheduled for March 20th, 2020. We will likely reschedule in the Fall of 2020.

PiAP is hosting a FREE symposium that will highlight issues related to caregiving for and with older adults from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Speakers will highlight traditions and beliefs around caregiving as well as pragmatic aspects of giving and receiving care through a specific cultural lens. Check out more information and register here!

ABOUT  Partnerships in Aging Program (PiAP). a campus-wide program at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill understands later life in the 21st century as a time for continued growth and invigoration and works to challenge stereotypes that frame aging as an experience of diminishment and loss. By collaborating with organizations and institutions, they nurture dialogue about the personal and societal meaning of having a long life, and advance civic engagement as a way to bring about a new kind of aging. PiAP provides expertise and resources to UNC faculty, students, and community partners seeking to reframe the aging experience, together.

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