We Need NEWS Curator Volunteers

///We Need NEWS Curator Volunteers

We Need NEWS Curator Volunteers

The content on the NEWS pages of the Fearrington Cares website will be curated by the FC NEWS Curator Team, which consists of a Team Captain (TC) and a small core of volunteer Fearrington residents.

We’re seeking 4 or 5 Fearrington Village residents who would like to volunteer to work to help determine the content in our website NEWS component. The content on the NEWS pages of the Fearrington Cares website will be curated by the FC NEWS Curator Team, which consists of a Team Captain (TC) and a small core of 4 to 5 volunteer Fearrington residents. Interested in joining the team?  Contact the office to volunteer. We will invite you to attend an orientation meeting to discuss your interest and to listen to your suggestions about the process.

How Does it Work?

  1. In conversation with the current TC, volunteer team members will identify their prime area of interest.
  2. Those individuals will scan the digital environment for pertinent articles in their agreed upon designated area of interest.
  3. Each individual will forward digital hot-links for 3 to 8 news items/month to the TC at an email address that will be provided.
  4. Each submission will have an accompanying indication of whether the article is “time sensitive” (needs to be posted within the week if it’s going to be posted at all) or is “timeless” (for our purposes, “timeless” = may be posted anytime in the next 6 months.)
  5. The TC will review the submissions in a timely manner and may, upon occasion, request more information about any submitted resource from team members—as when there may be a reason to determine the suitability and/or accuracy of the content.
  6. The TC will select a suitable number of what will be judged to be the best in each submission cycle and those selected will be published on the Fearrington Cares website NEWS component.

If a team member wishes, when a submission is published on the NEWS pages, his or her name will be displayed as the person who submitted the content. Note that unless the submission is an original piece, this will only be a submitter credit, not an author citation. Author citations will always be attributed to the original source whenever that information is revealed.

Over time, the Team will work to establish an “A-List” of digital content sources (e.g., “AARP” or “National Geographic”) and topics, and may also develop a Do Not Use List of digital content sources (e.g., “Of Course the World is Flat,” or “Quack Remedy.com”). 

We Have 8 Current Categories.

Featured | Includes featured news stories of special interest and featured news about Fearrington Cares.

Focus on ChathamIncludes but not be limited to opportunities to “play” and opportunities to contribute in Chatham County.

Focus on Education| Includes but not limited to Fearrington Cares Education Committee programs and events, Olli classes, Peer Learning classes, Galloway Ridge education events, Great Decisions programming, online learning, UNC & Duke opportunities, etc.

Focus on Technology | Includes but not be limited to computer safety, “wired for monitoring” homes, AI [artificial intelligence], etc.  Covers high-and low-tech ways to make it easier for seniors to enjoy life and/or to age at home.

Fraud and Scam Alerts | Includes information about fraud and scam schemes targeting seniors, especially those related to landline and smartphones, computers, email, texting, US postal mail, door-to-door “sales,” etc.

Health Topics | Health topics from a small group of sources to include but not be limited to Medicare, AARP, CDC, etc.

Home and “Near” Environment | Includes but not be limited to landscaping, universal design, outdoor lighting, home modification, smoke alarms, ramps, etc.

Personal Aspects of Aging in Community Includes but not be limited to medical alerts, staying socially connected, volunteer opportunities when mobility is limited, deciding to stop driving, exercise and stretching, advanced directives, changes in nutritional needs, entrepreneurial seniors, etc.

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