Welcome to Fearrington Cares

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There are a lot of great places to live,
but few have a community care
organization as dedicated to its residents as is Fearrington Cares.

We were founded by Fearrington residents who believed that when neighbors help neighbors, everyone benefits. Today, we are recognized as one of the most dynamic and effective non-profit community care organizations in the nation.

Our mission is straightforward: to provide support, services and programs that help residents of Fearrington Village to live healthy and meaningful lives. These services are provided by our staff Registered Nurse and a small army of eager volunteers providing an additional layer of support for those times when we need a bit (or a lot) of help and a caring smile.

Here’s What We Do…

Our Registered Nurse is available during office hours for minor health care, consultation and patient education. Our volunteers provide transportation, minor home repairs and other services that can make the day brighter for those needing assistance. (Click here for full details about volunteer services.)

Another major focus is helping residents make informed decisions about independent living as well as assisted living. (Click here for details about services for independent living.)

For a more complete description of all our community activities, scroll and “click” through the menu at the top of each page as well as the red listings in the right-hand column.

Here’s What We Charge…Nothing!

That’s right. Our services are without charge, including the services of our on-site, Registered Nurse. We are a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization funded primarily by generous contributions from the residents of our community. There are no membership fees or dues required in order to access our services. Living in Fearrington Village qualifies all residents to obtain services and to volunteer.

Here’s What Our Residents Say About Our Services…

“My volunteer drivers were so wonderful. I had a painful back injury and couldn’t drive. My first volunteer not only got me to and from the chiropractor, but also fed my dogs and replaced a light bulb when we returned home. Later that week, the second driver insisted on helping me buy groceries on the way home from the doctor. She also carried the bags into my house. I truly appreciate such help!”

“Shortly after I moved to Fearrington Village, I was stricken with pneumonia and had an extended stay at UNC Hospital. When I came home, I was on oxygen and very weak. A neighbor suggested I call Fearrington Cares, and for that, I am grateful. Volunteers picked up prescriptions and groceries, drove me to the doctor, and visited frequently. This support made all the difference. I can’t say enough good about Fearrington Cares!”

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