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See this national coverage of “Fearrington Cares Embraces Its 29th Year”.(2018)

Fearrington Cares grew out of a wish to meet the health and daily living requirements of the residents of Fearrington Village. Late in 1989, a membership organization named “Stay Put for Now” was incorporated to provide volunteer services in the areas of transportation, home repair, equipment loans and meal delivery.

In 1994, another group of residents formed a new corporation to provide part time nursing services supported entirely by donations. The new organization was named “Home Care Connection” and it contracted with the Chatham County Health Department to provide a skilled part-time nurse.

In the year 2000, these two groups decided to combine their activities. “Home Care Connection” was merged into “Stay Put For Now” and the name of the combined organization was changed to “Fearrington Cares.” The new organization continued to be housed in a spare room provided by the Fearrington Homeowners Association in the Gathering Place. When the FHA needed the space for its own uses, R.B. Fitch (the developer of Fearrington Village) who had long been a major financial supporter, provided new space in the Village Center.

In 2004, in response to growing needs, R.B. Fitch built and donated the freestanding building that is now the Fearrington Cares Center. As Fearrington Cares expanded its programs and services and needed more space, he also underwrote the reconfiguration of the building in 2009.

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