Fearrington StoryCorps

Everyone has a story, whether it is an old memory, a recent insight, a funny anecdote, or family lore; your story is a treasure worth sharing.

The Fearrington StoryCorps team helps you share and preserve your story in your own voice. It’s an easy conversation about 40 minutes long—no planning or rehearsal needed. We provide a listener or you can invite your own. Or, you can invite someone whose story you would like to hear.

You will receive an audio copy of your complete conversation to keep and share. An edited segment will be posted to our Fearrington StoryCorps Community Page and the complete audio will be archived in a special section of the Library of Congress. 

Enjoy some of your friends and neighbor’s stories by going to our Fearrington StoryCorps Community Page. https://archive.storycorps.org/communities/fearrington-storycorps-diy/

Questions? Want to know more? Ready to go? Contact us at FearringtonStoryCorps@gmail.com

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