Fearrington Cares Ambassadors

Would you like to be an Ambassador?

Like to meet new people? Consider becoming a Fearrington Cares Ambassador. Many neighborhoods still need Ambassadors, but you don’t have to live in a neighborhood to be its Ambassador. Welcoming neighbors who live in a different neighborhood is a great way to meet new people.

Please contact us:
Anne Henkels: 919-542-2164,
Ambassador Coordinator
Karen Metzguer: 919-542-6877

Click here to learn more about what an Ambassador does in our community.

Fearrington Cares (FC) Ambassadors are neighbors helping neighbors live healthier, happier, and safer lives right here in Fearrington Village.

Whether you’re a new resident or an old friend who’s lived here for years, we’re ready to help you take advantage of all the programs and services available through FC.

The Ambassadors program is in full swing with 30 Ambassadors in our village neighborhoods! If you’re a new neighbor, no doubt someone’s already knocked at your door or sent an email or text to say hello. We hope you keep your FC At-A-Glance reference card handy, perhaps on your fridge, using your new FC magnet. 

From time to time, you’ll be hearing from your Ambassador about our programs and services, especially as we expand reopening the Center.

Bradford Place
Suzy and Dave Shaub, 984-215-0755. Please leave a message, if necessary.

Burke Place
Donna Truax, 410-271-8448

Bush Creek
Adelia Evans, 812-760-7046
Kerry Lane (Ashton & Burwell), 919-542-0709 or 724-344-1981
Karen Shectman, 785-554-8078

Camden Park East
Anne Henkels, 919-542-2164

Camden Park West

Homes on the north side of Caldwell (odd-numbered homes) and all homes north:
Mary Bratton, 919-542-6468

Susan Biddulph, 412-849-4028

Countryhouse Closes
Tina Patterson, 919-260-7995 (Brampton, Lyndfield)
Terri Porter (Wintercrest East and West, Crossvine)
Pam Wolf (Baneberry Close)
Jan Wooldridge727-403-6198 (Linden and Whisperwood Closes)

Historic District, Phase IV
Nathalie Condoret

Knolls Close
Gillian Rogers, 201-390-6393

Jane Welsch914-325-9552 or 919-533-6118

Millcreek Circle
Nancy Honeywell, 919-799-0088

Liz Welfel, 216-299-4355 (These addresses only: 851, 854–857, 864– 867, and 879–883)

Millcroft Closes
Anne Hummel (Woodleigh & Lenoir), 336-209-7024
Terry Glazier (Sampson, Duplin, and Harnett), 603-548-1248

The Woods
Barb Thomas, 240-687-6895

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