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//Focus on Technology

Includes but not be limited to computer safety, “wired for monitoring” homes, AI, etc. (Hoping someone in Mary’s group will take this one). Covers high- and low-tech ways to make it easier for seniors to enjoy life and/or to age at home.

Chatham County (NC) Library Online Classes for December 2020


Microsoft Word Basics Part 1 Learn how to create and format documents in Microsoft Word. This class is designed for beginners. Build on the concepts learned in Part 1. Create bulleted and numbered lists, insert charts & tables, add headers & footers, and more. Participants should have prior basic experience with Word.

Visit this site to read the details.

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North Carolina Has Established a New COVID-19 County Alert System

New COVID-19 County Alert System  The NC Department of Health and Human Services is pleased to start sharing important information. North Carolina is currently experiencing high levels of community transmission of COVID-19 statewide, but the virus is impacting some counties particularly hard.

The state has established a new COVID-19 County Alert System to help North Carolinians understand how their county is faring and take actions to slow the spread of the virus. Under the system, 53 counties are experiencing critical or substantial community spread, with the remaining counties seeing significant community spread. Learn more about how the system works and what steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones at:

North Carolina Has Established a New COVID-19 County Alert System 2020-11-18T22:57:26-05:00

Webinar Series: How to Spot & Avoid Imposters – Nov. 18 @ 1 PM ET

Free Webinar Explaining How to Spot and Avoid Scams & Phishing Schemes

A message from Village to Village Network*

Webinar Series: How to Spot & Avoid Imposters – Nov. 18 @ 1 PM ET, Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Imposter scams can take many forms. Some imposters say they’re calling from the government or from a business with technical support expertise. Others pose as legitimate users of online dating sites or claim that they are a friend or family member with an emergency.

But they all involve a con artist who pretends to be someone you trust, to convince you to send money or personal information. This webinar will describe the various types of imposter scams, the warning signs of scams, and how to help your members avoid them.

To receive the link and password to Join this free ZOOM Meeting, CONTACT US at THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. Be sure to include your first and last name and your Fearrington Village address in your message. We will reply to provide the login credentials.

*Fearrington Cares is a member of the Village to Village Network.

Webinar Series: How to Spot & Avoid Imposters – Nov. 18 @ 1 PM ET 2020-11-08T15:40:22-05:00

Protecting Yourself Against Doxing

Protecting Yourself Against Doxing

Doxing is the act of searching for people’s personal information over the internet. The term comes from “document tracing,” which involves collecting documents belonging to a person or company to learn more about them. A revenge tactic, doxing and involves the malicious targeting, compiling and public release of personally identifiable information (PII) to perpetrate harassment, revenge, identity theft or potential violence against a target.

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Facebook Will Be Launching Largest Voting Information Effort in US History

Launching The Largest Voting Information Effort in US History – About Facebook

Facebook was built to empower people by giving them a voice and voting is one of the most powerful ways to make their voice heard. With the US elections less than five months away, today Facebook is launching the largest voting information campaign in American history.

Facebook Will Be Launching Largest Voting Information Effort in US History 2020-06-18T11:41:05-04:00

Senior Planet: Presented by AARP

Join Us Online – Senior Planet

Senior Planet is now regularly streaming online events that can be joined from anywhere in the world. When online events are scheduled, you’ll see them on this page. To stay in the loop, make sure you subscribe to our newsletters! Sign Up for Newsletters

ALL UPCOMING EVENTS — These FREE events are hosted by Senior Planet locations nationwide, and are open to anyone 60 and older. Join with others 60+ every week to keep learning, connecting, and exploring. Senior Planet is about much more than just the latest gadgets and apps and websites. Those gadgets and apps and websites are just means to an end: enabling older adults and people of all ages to come together and find ways to learn, work, create, and thrive in today’s digital age.

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