Cole Park Veterinary Clinic

Phone Number:

Cole Park Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to serving the community by developing and supporting a close bond between people and animals. Note that they prefer to be contacted by phone at the number listed below.

They encourage this bonding by offering Veterinarians who practice progressive medicine with a:

  • superior and dedicated support staff,
  • compassionate and respectful atmosphere to both clients and their pets,
  • strong emphasis placed on client education and preventative medicine.

Each member of their staff is committed to the welfare of our animal friends, in both their professional and personal lives. At Cole Park Veterinary Hospital you and your pets are much more than clients, you are our friends.

Cole Park Veterinary Hospital started out small and has grown into a contributing resource for animal care for Chatham, Orange and Durham Counties, NC. Great things often have humble beginnings. While Cole Park Veterinary Hospital began with two exam rooms and three full time staff, we have over 28 animal care professionals and 5,000 sq. ft of treatment facilities, including full boarding and grooming services.

Cole Park Veterinary Hospital provides the care and services one would expect to find in a veterinary facility, including annual exams, sick pet exams, in-house lab testing, surgeries, hospitalized care, radiology, dental cleaning, vaccinations and boarding services. We use Antech as our reference blood laboratory with 2 daily pick-ups.

In addition to the more traditional professional services, Cole Park Veterinary Hospital takes pride in our offering of complementary therapies. Dr Patricia Pagel is a certified veterinary acupuncturist, as is Dr Michelle Droke. Complementary therapy is often an effective aid to rehabilitation of injuries as well as chronic health conditions.

Comment by a Fearrington Village Resident

“We had the good fortune of finding Cole Park Veterinary Hospital on 15/501 and placing [our dog] in the excellent care of Dr. Michelle Droke!!! [she is Dr. Lori Droke’s sister). She was the one to first find [his] cancer and set him up with the Veterinary Specialty Hospital for treatment. She has kept excellent close tabs on our boy for a number of years. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for the loving care [he] received at her hands. The staff at Cole Park was also always so very kind and supportive, so much so that they made a donation in [his] honor to the hospital’s Mug Fund that provides life saving support for injured animals!”

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