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John McLeod
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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Dante Russillo. All types of plumbing Repairs, including Complete Water Heater Service, Faucet Repair or Replacement, Toilet Repair or Replacement, Water Piping Repairs, Well Pump Repairs, Water Heater Installation, Yard Hydrant Installation. Explanation: In October 2017, Dante Russillo, a village resident many of us relied on for plumbing needs for 20 years, asked with mixed emotions to be removed from the Vendor List because he and his wife are moving to be closer to their grandchildren. He will be sorely missed by many of us. John McLeod is the plumber he recommends most highly.

Note that according to Chatham County NC Code: “licensing shall not be required to those who make minor repairs or minor replacements to already installed systems of plumbing, heating, or air-conditioning but shall apply to those who make repairs, replacements, or modifications to an already installed fire sprinkler system.”

To contact this business, please note that John McLeod prefers to be contacted by phone at the number listed below.

Recommendations from village residents:

“John McLeod was just at our home and he is replacing a leaking kitchen faucet set for us. He is professional, knowledgeable and gracious.”

[During the December-January freeze] “despite leaving cupboard doors open and heat on at night, our upstairs bathroom pipes burst. We noticed when water was streaming from the ceiling lights and the heating vents. Luckily, we had kept Dante’s recommendation for plumbing help. He [John McLeod] came promptly (on a Sunday!) and fixed the problem for a reasonable price. We now recommend John McLeod, DBA Highlander Plumbing.”

“When Dante Russillo left us, I thought we’d never find a good plumber again. But yesterday morning I called John McLeod, the one he’d recommended, and John appeared within hours to fix our faucet. He did a great job – stuff like this is never cheap, but I certainly don’t think he gouged us. He likes doing this kind of work (vs. large jobs), and wants to keep on doing it.”

“John also did great work for us.”

“I second John McLeod.”

“John McLeod of Highlander plumbing. He was recommended to us by Dante Russilo and we’ve been very happy with his work, twice.”

“There’s no one else you need to call. John McLeod at Highlander Plumbing has been recommended highly, and we are really pleased with the work he’s done for us. Dante recommended him before leaving Fearrington Village, and we’re delighted with his work and his prompt attention when we call.”

“We have engaged John McLeod’s services on several occasions. The outcome in each case has been very favorable. John is competent, efficient and responsive. He also happens to be very friendly and considerate!”

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