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Eric Goldman
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No-Harm Wildlife Removal. We will find out how wildlife are getting in, make sure they are out and provide reinforcements to make sure they won’t get back in. We deal with mice, rats, bats, flying squirrels, grey squirrels, opossums, raccoons, birds, and snakes. We never use poisons, kill traps or lethal methods. Call us. We will restore peace and harmony. Locally owned and operated.

Certified by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission as a  Wildlife Damage Control Agent.

They figure out how they are getting in, make sure they are out and that they cannot get back in. They also do handyman work and carpentry. All solutions are 100% effective and guaranteed for 5 years.

Please note: Eric Goldman, owner of Humane Homes NC Critter Removal and Prevention, has received many recommendations from satisfied customers in the area and the business was A WINNER of the INDY WEEK Best of the Triangle 2018 for Animal Control.

If you use his services, please submit a comment or recommendation to  We will identify you as being a resident of Fearrington Village; however, we will not include your name with any comment(s) you submit.  Thank you!

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