Rick’s Dryer Vent Cleaning

Phone Number:

Locally owned business offering dryer vent cleaning. An online form is available at the website for a quote.


What Your Neighbors are Saying:

“An enthusiastic shout out to Rick’s Dryer Vent Cleaning.┬áThe ‘check vent’ light on our dryer came on the other day. We’d noticed that the dryer wasn’t getting clothes as dry as it should have and assumed that it was time to clean out the vent. Based on several recommendations here at Nextdoor, we called Rick. He came out the next day, climbed into the attic and on the roof to inspect the system, then removed “about a miniature poodle’s worth” (as he described it) of lint from the vent. Everything is back to normal and working great. Heck of a deal for $90. Highest recommendation!”

“Just had this wonderful service from Rick. He was performing a scheduled cleaning at my neighbor’s house. I asked if he had time to do mine afterwards. It was my lucky day. I have been putting off getting this done and I’m very pleased that he was available. What a nice, polite, and informative professional. He did a great job, identified some potential issues and offered a solution to improve the performance of my dryer. He was not pushy, his customer service skills are top notch! I love to support local small business owners who do quality work for a fair price. I highly recommend him.”

“A big shout-out to local business owner Rick Burnett. He offers one of those safety services you don’t think about needing, but lint build-up in a dryer vent–especially if it’s in long, flexible tubing duct work–can be a fire hazard without your knowing it. Rick is a Chatham County resident who provides professional and efficient service, and volunteers suggestions for improving your dryer vents’ efficiency, all at a very reasonable price. He’s prompt with callbacks to schedule appointments and arrives when he says he will. He understands customer service and delivers on his word. “

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