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[Formerly Solar Solutions NC] Residential Solatubes | Garage Fan and Attic Coolers | Solar-Powered Attic Fans| and Radiant Guard – Reflective Insulation|

If you have a room in your house without a lot of windows installing Solatubes will do more than just brighten your day, it will brighten your room, naturally, for years to come. The amount of light transferred into and softly diffused throughout a room is truly amazing!

Also ROOF REPAIRS | Includes inspection and tune-up | includes investigation, discovery and plan of action | multiple leaks extra | replacement of broken shingles up to 10 (must not be brittle) | repair/replacement of pipe boots | flashing repair | ROOF TUNE-UP | Repair nail pops | Secure loose lashing/shingles |Re-seal soil/dryer/vents stacks | ROOF INSPECTION | Professional evaluation | Condition report | Picture support | Recommendations | The fee can be applied to Roof Tune-up or Repair if desired.

Comments by Fearrington Village Residents:

“We had Sunlit Homes install 2 tubes and an attic fan. We were 100% satisfied with their service from the first phone call to the end result and we recommend them highly.”

“In early 2018, SunLit Homes acquited the business previously known as Solar Solutions, NC.  In 2011, we had three solatubes installed in our new kitchen by the company they recently purchased. What a wonderful difference the daylight (and even the bright evening moonlight, which can provide some nice nighttime lighting effects) makes. In the daytime, guests often ask where the on/off switch is located, believing them to be electric lights. The diffusers spread the light pleasantly throughout the kitchen, and we are very pleased with the installation. The installer for the then-existing preceding company (Solar Solutions, NC) mentioned that he had installed over 3,000 of these solatubes (many right here in Fearrington) and never had any roof leaks develop or any install fail. Ours have functioned perfectly for seven years. No problems whatsoever. We certainly recommend that residents consider installing solar tubes and that they consider contacting SunLit Homes.”

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