Terminix Pest Control Services

Contact Name:
David Tawney, Pittsboro Branch Manager
Phone Number:

Fearrington is served by the Pittsboro branch of this large company and offers minimally invasive pest control services. All work is guaranteed. Many village residents, including several Service Groups (neighborhood HOA’s), use this service company.

For service, contact at the phone number listed below.

Comments by Fearrington Village residents:

“Lynn of Terminix does excellent work here in Fearrington.”

“Various home remedies might work (or might not) if you are patient. If, like us, you’ve had enough experimenting, periodic external treatments by Terminix may do the trick; they have for us.”

“We too are quite pleased with Terminix. We’ve used them for over 50 years in the various places we’ve lived. We’re especially happy with the Pittsboro office and its representatives. Bugs are rampant around here, especially since we live in the woods and have deer and other animals around. Terminix takes care of everything for us.”

“I use Terminex for overall bug control as well as termite prevention. Quite responsive.”

“…why don’t you try the Pittsboro office and Lynn Lafond, as so many folks have recommended? On the very few occasions I’ve had to get in touch with them they’ve either been directly available by phone during normal business hours or very responsive when returning voice mail.”

“I use the Pittsboro office also and am extremely satisfied.”

“I’m new to Fearrington but Lynn also services my home and he does a thorough and comprehensive job. I also recommend him to you.”

“I also use the Pittsboro office. I’ve used them for over ten years and have been happy with them.”

“We use Terminix and we have been quite satisfied with them. We have a maintenance program. Call Michael and he can give you more specifics about it.”

“Terminix, which serves FV for termite control, now does pest removal.”

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