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May 2021

Fearrington Cares Ambassadors are neighbors helping neighbors live healthier, happier, and safer lives here in Fearrington Village. Whether you’re a new resident or an old friend who’s lived here for years, we’re ready to help you take advantage of all the programs and services available through Fearrington Cares. Best of all, there’s never a charge for our help.

Our goal is for every neighborhood in Fearrington Village to have at least one volunteer. Right now, we’re working hard to revitalize this program.

Ambassador, Anyone?

Have you been wondering how to help maintain the high quality of life that Fearrington Village provides? One good way to “give back” is to serve as an Ambassador for Fearrington Cares. The main job of an Ambassador is to greet new neighbors soon after they move in and acquaint them with the services and programs of Fearrington Cares. Also, each Ambassador is asked to host at least two informal get-togethers a year—simple coffees or wine and cheese socials to which both new and established neighbors are invited to come, meet one another, and learn about current Fearrington Cares services.

Fearrington Village has twelve Ambassadors now, but we are seeking many more to cover every neighborhood. We need Ambassadors for Bush Creek, Camden Park South, Countryhouse Closes (except Weymouth), Henderson Place, the Historic District, The Knolls, McDowell Place, Montgomery, Richmond, Rutherford Close, and The Woods.

Please contact one of the following people if you’d like to know more about becoming a Fearrington Cares Ambassador: Janine Griffin (336-209-4204, jkgriffin001@gmail.com), Anne Henkels (919-542-2164, henkelsanne@gmail.com), Cathy Somer (919-533-6559, cathysomer2@gmail.com), or Karen Metzguer (919-542-6877, karen@fearringtoncares.org).

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