About Fearrington Cares Ambassadors

Purpose of the Ambassadors Program:

We’re neighbors helping neighbors live happier, healthier, and safer lives by educating and encouraging them to use the programs and services of Fearrington Cares. 

Ambassador Responsibilities:
Greet new neighbors within two weeks of their moving in. 
  • Present the Fearrington Cares Welcome Card and a small gift.
  • Briefly describe FC services and programs, especially the Vendor List.
  • Ensure that residents have received their Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook and direct residents to expanded FC information available there (in 2021 Directory, pp 15-16).
  • Distribute the new Talents & Interests survey form and return completed forms to the FC Communications Committee. 
Maintain contact as needed with your neighbors, either through email, phone calls, or personal/group visits.
  • Inform neighbors of new FC programs with an emphasis on reminding them to check the FC website regularly for news and updates. 
  • Introduce new neighbors to the neighborhood who share similar interests as indicated on the Talent & Interest survey.
Host small, informal neighborhood get-togethers such as coffees or wine socials at least twice a year.
  • Invite FC Executive Director and/or board members to meet neighbors and discuss neighbors’ reactions to/use of current FC programs and services and their ideas about new programs.
  • Introduce neighbors to each other; give neighbors a chance to catch up with each other.
Develop and maintain a list of your neighbors. The list will be used for your purposes to contact neighbors. 

Participate in regular Ambassadors’ meetings to discuss and share ideas and strategies. Meetings may be in person or over Zoom.
How the FC Communications Committee Supports Ambassadors:
  • Provides FC welcome card.
  • Provides a small welcome gift. In 2021, this is a 3” round refrigerator magnet. 
  • Helps the Ambassadors determine their neighborhood reach. In some instances, currently defined neighborhoods are too large for a single Ambassador, so some neighborhoods will require multiple Ambassadors.
  • Works with Ambassadors to provide training either through Zoom or in-person meetings.
  • Distributes names and addresses of new residents to the appropriate Ambassador.
  • Provides monthly information about new FC programs and services via email and directs Ambassadors to the FC website. Communication may be more frequent than once a month, if necessary.
  • Provides the Talent & Interest Survey for new neighbors and current residents.
  • Arranges for Executive Director or board members to attend informal social gatherings.
  • Participates in Ambassadors meetings and trainings.
  • Stays abreast of other Village-to-Village ambassador programs through web research. 

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