Concierge Health Care Services

While Fearrington Cares strives to be responsive to the needs of our Villagers, some needs require solutions beyond our scope of services. That’s why we’re coordinating three specialized, fee-driven concierge services with strategic partners to augment our usual programs.

Aegis Home Care

For both Aegis programs, an assessment of needs will be done by an Aegis nurse, and a care plan will be developed. Schedule an appointment for either of these services by calling us at 919-542-6877 weekdays from 9 am – 1 pm. Then you’ll work with Aegis and pay them directly for these services.

  • AegisShort Visit” Supportive Care Services represent an innovation in home care services by eliminating the four-hour minimum shift that is usually required. Care can be scheduled for short periods of time, as little as 15 minutes. This program is not available for immediate, urgent, or emergency needs.

    This program offers normal home care services such as assistance with compression hose, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and medication reminders, as well as transportation to non-medical locations. The “Short Visit” option allows for one or more customized, short visits per day without having to schedule and pay for hours that may not be necessary. Services are provided by an Aegis nursing assistant.

    “Short Visit” appointments will be available from 8 am- noon seven days a week. If there is enough demand, this program could be expanded to include some evening hours. If you call early in the day, same-day service requests may be accommodated, although advance request is preferred. 

    Fees are billed in 15-minute increments if you’re enrolled in the program and receive scheduled services.

  • Aegis “Complex/Unique” In-Home Nursing Services go beyond the triage clinic nursing care and home visits that Fearrington Cares currently provides free of charge. Current medical practice expects people to provide self-care in situations that were previously managed in hospitals or rehabilitation centers. Discharge the day after surgery, serious wound management, injections, management of drains, diagnostic home testing, clinical assessments and medication management are examples of challenges that individuals and families face today. These are examples of health needs for which the Fearrington Cares nurse provides “referrals” or “suggestions” for finding these services in the Triangle; the triage nurse does not typically provide these services.

    Aegis will offer in-home nursing services for Fearrington residents to assist with such complex and unique needs, which are not currently provided. This program will be available in 15- minute increments of time from 8 am- noon seven days a week.

    Fees are billed in 15-minute increments if you’re enrolled in the program and receive scheduled services.

Routine Foot Care

Routine Foot Care is our third new service and will be available in the Fearrington Cares Center. Service will be provided by Pedi Cure and licensed pedicurist Wendy McCluney, RN, has been assisting individuals with routine foot care for more than 15 years.

Payments may be made by check or cash on your appointment day. Fearrington Cares will confirm each appointment. If you must cancel an appointment, 24 hour notice is required by contacting the Fearrington Cares Center. Cancellations without notice will be billed. 

  • Routine therapeutic foot care without electric file: $45
  • Routine therapeutic foot care with electric file: $55
  • Available only in a home visit: Routine therapeutic foot care with or without water soak, with or without electric file and with or without nail color: $70

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