Stay independent

I get by with a little help from my friends.

– Joe Cocker

Sure, we all climbed stepladders when we were younger and drove ourselves wherever we wanted. But there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help now and then.

Fearrington Cares volunteers are ready to help you with life’s minor challenges, such as changing a light bulb in a high ceiling light. Or driving you to the doctor’s office. And if you need a service our volunteers don’t provide, we maintain a comprehensive Vendor Referral List curated by neighbors just like you and by Fitch Creations. You’ll find people ready to help with all kinds of projects, from repainting your living room to walking your dog to renovating your home.

Find professionals to make repairs and renovations to your home to help you age in place more easily on our Aging-in-Place Home Specialists page on the Vendor List.

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