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Doug Zabor, CAPS
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The goal of Accessible Places is simple: to help you live safely and comfortably in your home for as long as possible by offering the knowledge and tools to evaluate your home and provide recommendations to make it safer, prevent falls, and improve mobility. Founded by Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists, Accessible Places has an easy-to-use checklist, compiled from ADA, AARP, CDC, NIH, and other respected organizations, to determine what modifications to consider making in your home.


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

“Many thanks, Doug. From day one of our plea for help in making our home as functional and lovely in the future as it is now, you listened and answered with compassion and thoroughness. Not only were you on time for our visit, you followed through in a timely manner with answers, additional information, and photos of potential solutions. Your systematic list relieved our anxiety about aging in place in a home where we hope to stay.”

“Thanks so much for sending us a thorough report that helped us set our home refurbishment priorities. Both the assessment and the resources are invaluable and will help us move quickly on smaller, doable projects such as improving lighting and securing rugs. You provide an excellent service, one we are happy to recommend to others!"

"We recently had Doug Zabor certify our home for sale as meeting aging-in-place criteria set by the Triangle MLS (Multiple Listing Services). The process was very easy, as Doug had a list of all the necessary requirements and was very efficient in going through them and explaining the benefits. He was able to tell us our score immediately and made suggestions for improvements.”

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