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Cary Weinberger
Fearrington Village
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Cary Weinberger has broad experience in home maintenance and repair. His skills include: 1) cleaning bathroom drains, replacing toilets and toilet valves and flappers, repairing/replacing bathroom fans; 2) replumbing kitchen sinks, repairing faucets; 3) cleaning/replacing dryer ducts; 4) installing dishwashers; 5) mending/replacing cabinetry wood and hardware; 6) building and repairing wood furniture; 7) repairing indoor and outdoor wood (eg, molding, siding, decks); 8) repairing wood and tile floors; 9) installing tile; 10) changing/replacing smoke alarm batteries; 11) replacing light bulb sockets in table lamps; 12) hanging pendant lights, replacing interior and exterior light fixtures; 13) fixing/replacing ceiling fans; 14) hanging heavy mirrors and pictures; 15) adjusting/replacing “sticky” doors and hardware; 16) repairing damaged drywall; 17) “animal proofing” crawlspaces and attics; 18) installing window blinds; 19) replacing damaged window screens; 20) repairing appliances.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"Cary Weinberger is a handyman who can repair virtually anything. He lives in Fearrington and responds quickly every time I call. His fee is reasonable, and he is a pleasure to do business with. I recommend Cary highly."

"Cary has hung two large, heavy mirrors for me, one of them requiring a special ladder because it was hung in a stairwell. He approaches his work thoughtfully and executes it meticulously. He is extremely reliable."

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