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Hector Gonzalez
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This company's tree services include trimming, removal, and stump grinding.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

Hector Gonzalez of Log Out Tree Service just removed a large Japanese cryptomeria cedar tree that was a victim of a 2-month-long undiscovered, hidden irrigation leakage, which drowned and rotted the root structure and killed the tree. He and his assistant did a great job topping, felling, and uprooting the rotted trunk and root ball, stripping and removing all the many dead browned-off branches, cutting the tree into sections, including some cut into fireplace-length pieces, cleaning up all the residue, and loading everything left over into the truck before leaving. It was as if they never made a mess at all. They showed great skill and were extremely pleasant and friendly. This was a tricky project, they never damaged anything in the yard, and the fee was very reasonable. Excellent and very nice to work with!”

"We had some extremely tall trees in some pretty tight spaces which Log Out successfully removed, injuring nothing and cleaning up everything. Hector was extremely quick at coming out to provide a quote, which was extremely reasonable, and he even did more than we had contracted for. Prompt, polite, and professional, Log Out's men know trees and how to safely take them down. Good, fast, thorough work done by reliable, nice people for a fair price."

"I would like to recommend Log Out Tree Service for any tree removal jobs that you may have. They removed four tall, dead aspens from behind my property and my neighbor's property, trees that were at risk of falling on our houses and properties during a big storm. They were adept at felling the trees and cleaned up so well that you would never know they were here."


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