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Mig Hayes
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Since 2012, Apple specialist and tutor Mig Hayes has been offering customers help with making Apple product purchases as well as with setting up, installing, and using Apple devices, including desktop and laptop Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Apple TV. She also helps with Wi-Fi issues, printers, and some networking problems. Other services include assistance with Apple software, iCloud issues, Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint for Mac, Google products, and other cloud-based services. Mig also assists with photo management and editing, password creation, and data organization and retrieval.


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"Mig was the only Apple specialist who was able to help me in a way that I could understand."

"Yesterday Mig Hayes helped me sort out some craziness with my 10-year-old Mac. She taught me computer etiquette and pointed out what to watch out for. She is reasonably priced, spoke in computerese that I could understand, and comprehended what was driving me nuts. Thank you, Mig."

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