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4 Signs of a Stroke
Knowing these four simple signs of a stroke can make the difference in receiving treatment quickly. Not all strokes are massive events that make it obvious something has happened requiring medical treatment.

Go Red for Women ™ Presents: ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’: Elizabeth Banks
Starring and directed by Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks:
“A little film about a super mom who takes care of everyone except herself.”

How Societies Can Grow Old Better: Jared Diamond TED Talk
There’s an irony behind the latest efforts to extend human life: It’s no picnic to be an old person in a youth-oriented society. Older people can become isolated, lack meaningful work, and run low on funds. In this intriguing talk, Jared Diamond looks at how many different societies treat their elders—some better, some worse—and suggests we all take advantage of that experience.

How to Live Passionately—No Matter Your Age: Isabel Allende TED Talk
Author Isabel Allende has a few wrinkles—but she has incredible perspective, too. In this candid talk meant for viewers of all ages, she talks about her fears as she gets older and shares how she plans to keep on living passionately.

Life’s Third Act: Jane Fonda TED Talk
Within this generation, an extra 30 years have been added to our life expectancy — and these years aren’t just a footnote. Jane Fonda asks how we can re-imagine this new phase of our lives.

Never, Ever Give Up: Diana Nyad TED Talk
In the pitch-black night, stung by jellyfish, choking on salt water, singing to herself, and hallucinating, Diana Nyad just kept on swimming. And that’s how she finally achieved her lifetime goal as an athlete: An extreme 100-mile swim from Cuba to Florida—at age 64.

Older People are Happier: Laura Carstensen TED Talk
In the 20th century, we added an unprecedented number of years to our lifespan, but is the quality of life as good? Surprisingly, yes! Psychologist Laura Carstensen shows research that demonstrates that as people get older they become happier and more content and have a more positive outlook on the world.

The Atlantic: Why We Laugh: Robert Provine
Laughter is universal, but we know very little about the reasons why we laugh. Dr. Provine has been studying the social and neurologic roots of laughter for 20 years and has come to surprising conclusions about how we operate as human beings.


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