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Report on FearringtonEdge Tech Tuesdays Series Program on February 04th, 2020

An after-action report on Tech Tuesdays February 04, 2020 at 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Gathering Place “Beyond Google Search: Google for Students and for Us”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

About 20 residents attended the special FearringtonEdge program on Tuesday, February 4, which featured Mr. Tom Mullaney from Northwood High School.  Tom, the Digital Learning Facilitator at Northwood,  discussed Google apps and capabilities which are available at no charge to anyone with a Gmail account.  The same apps used by schools and universities throughout the world are accessible to all of us; with a little practice, we can explore the world from our armchairs, create our own digital maps and timelines, collaborate in real-time with friends around the globe and share our creations with our families or with the world.

Tom explained that, at Northwood, all students receive Google Chromebooks for their use during the school year.  Focusing on the “Four Cs” — Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity — the curriculum helps Chatham County high school students to learn to exploit the tools and the research available through Internet connectivity.  Those same tools, such as MyMaps, Google Earth, Google Images, Google Expeditions, and Google Keep are available to all of us.

Use this hotlink to check the FearringtonEdge Program page for a link to some of Tom’s suggestions, coming soon and for all their other program details.
The Tech Tuesdays Series Program page can be accessed by using its own submenu tab on the NEWS menu. 
Report on FearringtonEdge Tech Tuesdays Series Program on February 04th, 2020 2020-02-05T17:08:50-05:00

Tech Tuesday’s November 05, 2019 Program on “Surveying the Cyber Threat Landscape”

Submitted by Mary Johnson

Attendees at the November 05th, 2019 FearringtonEdge Web Security Program, part of the Tech Tuesdays Series, learned best practices for staying safe on the Internet.

Network security professional and experienced OLLI instructor, Tom Foss explained vulnerabilities and mitigation techniques for email, internet shopping, and password protection.  Tom’s presentation sparked lively discussions and pointed questions from among the 40 attendees about online behavior and avoidance of malware and bad actors.

This program followed Tom’s October 01st program on home network security.  Links to both presentations are here:

The Tech Tuesdays Series is produced by FearringtonEdge and is sponsored by Fearrington Cares.

Tech Tuesday’s November 05, 2019 Program on “Surveying the Cyber Threat Landscape” 2019-11-05T21:34:46-05:00

Fearrington’s Experienced Innovators & NCSU’s Graduate Students in Industrial Design

During March, April, and May 2019, a small group of Fearrington residents participated in a Fearrington Cares Experienced Innovators project under the leadership of Lee Anne McClymont, Fellow for the U.S. Southeast Region of The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship. Lee Anne designed the experience to be part of an innovative beta project to “reconsider the lifeline of multigenerational workplaces and learning communities.”

During these three months, this group of Fearrington Experienced Innovators worked closely with four graduate students in the NCSU Master’s Degree program in Industrial Design to evaluate their semester-long original design projects during the critical development stages.

The students met four times with the group at Fearrington Cares and a subset of the group also visited the NCSU’s College of Industrial Design in Raleigh, where they met all the other graduate students in the Industrial design class, toured the several well-equipped design labs where students work-up models of their projects, and spent 90 minutes reviewing the students’ projects, which had incorporated many of the suggestions the students had received during the earlier sessions back in Fearrington and making further suggestions for final refinements.

Near the end of the semester, the students returned to Fearrington to demo their finished products and to express their sincere appreciation for the valued contributions made by these Experienced Innovators. Overall, this was an amazingly productive beta project.

Visit this site to read Lee Anne McClymont’s wonderful overview of the project design and its significance for “restoring balance to the generation-stratified workplace” and to see samples of the results of the projects developed by the students.

Lee Anne is currently working with Fearrington Cares to design and launch the next Experienced Innovators group expected to be underway during the current fall term at NCSU. Watch for the forthcoming details!

Project participants included: STUDENTS: Sara Weir, Ryan Bolick, Yetong Xie, and Yimiao Xu. LEADERS: Lee Anne and Bill McClaymont, EXPERIENCED INNOVATORS (formerly known as Elder Innovators): Paula Easton, Gary Piontak, Diana Tasciotti, Jon Darling, Carl Angel, Dale Colson, Bob Colson, Cindy Kahler, John Tyrrell, and Amy Nullman.

Fearrington’s Experienced Innovators & NCSU’s Graduate Students in Industrial Design 2019-08-29T22:16:01-04:00

“Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s History” Resource Links

By Mary Johnson

The slide show accompanying the August 07, 2019 FearringtonEdge presentation of “Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s Historyis available here. Over 50 residents learned about proper techniques for protecting old documents, photos, and other materials. Durham County librarians with specialization in digitization and preservation techniques demonstrated best practices and explained how to scan and store materials online. The presentation also provided sources for preservation materials and for learning more about saving our family histories.

Presenters recommended reviewing the information, which is highly detailed, available from Preservation Self Assessment Program (PSAP). Follow this link ( for information on preserving items ranging from 8mm tape to slides, negatives, daguerreotype, and, among others, sheep-leather bound books! The photo below (attached as sample photo) is a small excerpt from the types of documents reviewed by PSAP.

Other recommended sources include the National Archives web pages ( and Gaylord Archival ( as one sources for purchasing archival materials. Open the program link for the full description of best practices and sources.

FearringtonEdge expects to follow up on this successful presentation, possibly with group online classes and/or scanning demonstrations. Email if you would like to be kept up to date on future plans for this and other FearringtonEdge projects.

“Preserving and Sharing Your Family’s History” Resource Links 2019-09-29T16:55:22-04:00

FearringtonEdge Programming Updates

Our Recent June 04th Program

As part of its effort to facilitate neighbor-to-neighbor technical information sharing, FearringtonEdge presented a Generators & Batteries program session on June 04. The session was designed for residents to speak to other residents who have installed backup power solutions. Over 30 Fearrington neighbors joined the conversation about cost, installation experiences, and maintenance of various emergency power devices ranging from whole house generators to a lightbulb that stays lit when the power goes out, Participants shared their plans for dealing with almost inevitable power outages during summer storms.

Our Next Program on Wednesday, August 07th

FearringtonEdge continues its focus on how technology can enrich our lives with an August 07th evening presentation by Durham County document preservation specialists about preserving, digitizing and online sharing of fragile but valued documents, photos, and books. (Please note that the flyer distributed at the backup power session referred to an incorrect date.) Residents who have items they would like to have evaluated for proper preservation should email Time restraints may limit the number of items specialists can review.

Our Other Future 2019 Programs (More Detailed Information Forthcoming)

  • Tuesday, September 03rd, a program in association with the Fearrington Homeowners Association, will be presented by the Chatham County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Tuesday, October 01st, a session led by Tom Foss* on staying safe on the Internet (just in time for online Christmas shopping)
  • Tuesday, December 03rd, a program by Tom Foss* about home network security

*Tom Foss is an experienced OLLI professor and Fearrington resident.

If you would like to share your technology successes with our community or have ideas for future programs, email us at

FearringtonEdge is sponsored by Fearrington Cares.

FearringtonEdge Programming Updates 2019-09-29T16:56:56-04:00
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