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Protecting Yourself Against Doxing

Protecting Yourself Against Doxing

Doxing is the act of searching for people’s personal information over the internet. The term comes from “document tracing,” which involves collecting documents belonging to a person or company to learn more about them. A revenge tactic, doxing and involves the malicious targeting, compiling and public release of personally identifiable information (PII) to perpetrate harassment, revenge, identity theft or potential violence against a target.

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Robo Calls – How to Recognize a Robo Call – AARP

Phone Fraud: Here Are the Latest Scams to Recognize

What they’ll say: “Open enrollment has passed, but luckily that doesn’t mean you’ll be without coverage this year. New laws in place still allow you to get an affordable health insurance plan from an A-rated insurer at a price that you and your family can afford. Press 1 now to speak to an agent.”

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Free Seminar Raises Awareness About Scams & Fraudulent Schemes Targeting Seniors

Event Also Recognizes Elder Abuse Awareness Month

Each year North Carolina recognizes Elder Abuse Awareness Month from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. Increasing awareness of one of the most vulnerable populations is now more important than ever. The Adult Services Division of Chatham County Social Services Services, Cooperative Extension and the Council on Aging and NC Cooperative Extension jointly host a free event on the dangers of scams to bring awareness of elder abuse to you and your loved ones.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, May 30, 9:30 AM to Noon at the Council on Aging;-Western Senior Center at 112 Village Lake Road in Siler City. [MAP]

The program will include such topics scams and fraudulent schemes through the internet, sweepstakes, lotteries, home repairs, phone and telemarketing scams, reverse mortgages and Medicare fraud. Presenters include Hugh Harris with NC Department of Justice, Stephanie Bias with NC Department of Insurance, and the Chatham County Council on Aging.

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Smoke Alarm “Possible Scam”

The following was issued by the North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department. Subject: Smoke Alarm “Possible Scam”

On the morning of March 08, 2019, the North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department received a telephone call asking if anyone from the fire department had been campaigning door to door asking to check smoke alarms. The call was from an elderly woman’s daughter that lives here in the North Chatham fire district. The fire department informed the daughter that they install smoke alarms by referral and that they call to schedule a time to go out and assist homeowners with smoke alarm issues. They also told the daughter that the department had not participated in any door-to-door smoke alarm campaign. The daughter then stated that she was afraid that someone was casing her mother’s home and that she’d already reached out to the local Sheriff’s Office.

The North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department would like to make everyone aware of this possible scam and in hopes that someone is not trying to gain access to anyone’s home disguised as a Firefighter.

If you encounter this type of issue, please contact the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department at 919-542-2811.

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On-Line Security 101: Tips for Protecting Your from Hackers & Spies

How to keep your data secure and private, step by step

Got nothing to hide? Think again. Privacy is what sets us apart from the animals. It’s also what sets many countries and citizens apart from dictatorships and despots. People often don’t think about their rights until they need them — whether it’s when they’re arrested at a protest or pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

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