Food Fairy Personal Chef Services

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Personal chef services & In-home food preparation. The Food Fairy® can create menus and prepare meals for individuals and families no matter what their dietary preferences and needs may be.  Serving residents of Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and beyond.

Read details of how we continue to cook for you in the time of Covid-19.

Services include:

Planning menus based on an interview and any requests you may have.  Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, or sodium-free, diets are easy! They can help clients avoid nuts or carbohydrates, and maintain a low-glycemic, or high-fiber diet and are adept at following guidelines for cancer and heart-healthy diets.

Shopping at your favorite grocery, co-op or farmer’s market and will even pick up extra groceries for you if you wish.

Traveling to your kitchen if you wish.

Preparing your food in your kitchen.

Packaging and labeling meals and storing them either in your refrigerator or freezer.

Documenting a list of your meals and reheating instructions.

Thoroughly cleaning-up so only the aromas of their hours at your stove linger.

To contact this business, use the phone number listed below, or use this link to open a contact form, which you can submit on-line.

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