The Downsizers

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Elizabeth Hirsh, Owner & Senior Move Manager
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Based in Chapel Hill. “A smarter way to move.” Prepare for moving and/or selling your home by downsizing decades into days. Insured, Bonded, Accredited by the National Association of Senior Movers and Certified as Dementia Friendly.

Services include Planning, Sorting, Packing, and Settling.  Contact for a Complimentary Consultation.

Floor Planning
Do you find it challenging to make decisions on what furniture you will use in your new space and how it will be placed? Some of their clients have over 5000 sq feet of living space (and furniture that fills it) and are moving to less than 1000 sq feet. How will it work?  Your Downsizing Manager will guide you through how to place your existing furniture into your new home to optimize space, functionality, design, and safety.

They will break things down for you. This will save you time and money and will help you to determine what to Donate, Gift, or Sell.


  • Professionally pack all items
  • Provide all boxes and supplies

Their team can also provide Inventory of boxes including a list of contents, the team member who packed the box, and date of pack. This can be very useful when looking for specific items, especially if some boxes are in storage.

Settling – The Unpack Includes

  • Unpacking boxes
  • Breaking down and removal of all boxes and packing supplies
  • Set up of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and closet
  • Set up of TV, phone, and lamps

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