FastPark & Relax

8820 Fast Park Dr, Raleigh
Phone Number

This service provides parking in the covered, long-term FastPark parking lot at Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) and shuttle service to and from the terminal. Service is available 24/7. For service, use the online reservation form.


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"I always park there when I travel, and the bus drivers are great— they usually follow me right to my parking spot and help me get luggage from the car. On return, the buses [vans] cycle through the terminals pretty frequently, so you usually don't have to wait long, and then take you to your car and help get your luggage off the bus and back into your trunk. Plus, they have perks like bottled water and newspaper, plus I've appreciated several trips with free parking because of their point system."

"We have used it a dozen times and have been very satisfied. It proceeds like clockwork. At that time of day, at least 1.5 hours should be enough [to get from home to the airport terminal]. To expedite the trip, take the southern route to the airport (Route 64) and the toll road (Route 540) to avoid traffic and get TSA pre-check to avoid lines. Have a good trip."

"We use Fast Park every time we travel. The shuttle is always prompt to the airport, and the wait upon return is never very long. Delivery directly to my car is comforting. I believe if you make a reservation before you park (not needed but available), you get a bit of a discount. It is great off-site parking!"



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