Fearrington Veterinary House Calls

Contact Name
Laurie Droke, DVM
Fearrington Village
Phone Number

Dr. Laurie Droke is a full-service vet who makes house calls in Fearrington Village to care for healthy and sick pets and to handle medical emergencies. Wellness care includes annual exams, vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, fine- needle aspirates, and nail trims. Care for sick pets includes treating diarrhea and vomiting, skin problems, ear infections, diabetes, and pain, as well as home hospice care and home euthanasia. Emergency care includes pain control, hydration, lab tests, and wound treatment. When necessary, Dr. Droke may provide transportation to local vet hospitals for pets requiring x-rays, surgery, or general anesthesia. Evening and weekend visits may be arranged for emergencies and urgent care.


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

“Dr. Laurie Droke is fabulous. I use her and have been more than pleased. She comes into your home and is totally professional and great with pets.”

"We would like to sing the praises of Dr. Laurie Droke. Recently it became clear that it was time to end our dog Mutt's  long battle with cancer. We really wanted to do it at our home. Neighbors and our regular vet recommended Dr. Droke to help us in our time of need. When we contacted her, she was able to respond quickly and we had our first visit almost right away. She was great with both us and Mutt. We had scheduled a second visit in a week, but only 3 days later it became obvious that the time had come. We called Dr. Droke, and even though it was a Saturday, she was able to come over that afternoon. She is a very compassionate person and helped us immensely through this final process. We don't think you could find a better vet."

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