Garage Doors Unlimited, Inc.

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Nim Brann
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This vendor sells, installs, and services garage doors, entrance doors and gates, and automatic door openers.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"One of our electric garage door openers was not functioning, so <my wife> called Garage Doors Unlimited. The owner, Nim, answered the phone and " talked her through it." Problem solved. He told my wife he didn't want to charge for a house call unless it was absolutely necessary. What a great guy."

"He replaced the original weather seals on both of our overhead garage doors and tuned up the whole operating system. Much quieter, smoother, and no more instances of the door panels sticking to the vinyl weather stripping! What a relief. He worked us into his very busy schedule and was very accommodating. We're very pleased with his work."

"One Sunday afternoon our garage door just wouldn't open more than 6". Over the phone, Nim guided us step-by-step so we could get the door open and our car out of the garage. By noon the next day, he and his son replaced the worn-out spring mechanism, and we're good to go. Not many businesses answer the phone on Sundays and provide great customer service. Many thanks."

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