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Paul Allen
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Paul is a Fearrington Village resident who provides junk removal, moving services, and general hauling service.


What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"Paul Allen recently helped me move a large number of furniture pieces around my house. He and his helper were very careful, and it turns out that there was no reason for me to have worried about moving a glass china cabinet or anything else. Plus he was patient with my trying out various options. Paul also hauled away a large old chair for me. Very highly recommended."

"Hauling for dumping, recycling, moving, etc. Prompt, reasonable rates, clean pickup [truck] with raised side rails. He is courteous, careful, and very reasonable."

"Paul Allen picked up and delivered a mattress for me. He was extremely kind and flexible, especially when the seller pulled a bait and switch, first saying I could pick up the item in one location, then (after I paid) switching the pickup address to Hillsborough! Paul was such a good sport and delivered the item exactly as promised. Highly recommended!"


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