501 Focus Program Now Enrolling

During last summer’s Fearrington Cares focus groups, many residents expressed an interest in using medical technology in their homes to monitor chronic health conditions. Fearrington Cares’ Trusted Pharmacy Partner, 501 Pharmacy, is offering a new program called “501 Focus” that is for individuals aged 65 and above, who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and/or diabetes.  

This program includes services like medication synchronization, medication adherence packaging, and dietary supplement consultations. A key component is remote patient monitoring where participants will use free medical devices supplied by the program that will securely bank their results and send them to their primary care provider at the end of each month. The benefit to participants and their primary care providers is that these devices provide real time monitoring of sugars and/or blood pressure with any out of range test results being quickly identified by a clinical pharmacist, who can make recommendations to their providers. Most insurances cover Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). 

Interested residents should call 501 Pharmacy at 984-999-0501 for information or to set up an approximately 30 minute enrollment visit to review their medical history, current medications and set goals for their condition.

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