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Fearrington Vendor List

This service provider list was created in response to requests from Fearrington Village residents. It is a work in progress and will continue to evolve over time.

Numerous Fearrington residents and Fitch Creations have suggested most of the vendors, and a joint committee of the Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) and Fearrington Cares manages the list. Neither the Fearrington Homeowners Association, Fearrington Cares, nor Fitch Creations recommend or endorse these vendors, nor do they attest to the accuracy of the information.

It is your responsibility to contact the service providers to confirm that they have the proper license, liability insurance, and references. Be sure to read these “Tips for Choosing and Dealing with Contractors.”

We Need Your Input.

Please give us your comments on the service you receive from a listed vendor. Also, let us know if you have a vendor you would like to have added to the list or have a vendor category we may have overlooked. You may contact us at:

How Does It Work?

The 9 top-tier categories listed below are currently linked to over 70 second-tier subcategories, which are then linked to approximately 280 vendor listings (most of which contain recommendation comments by our residents). To advance through the directory, click on the red links. Note that the content is not static so the number of entries and the content of some listings may change slightly each week; therefore, return visits are encouraged to be sure you have the most recent content.